California Public Utilities Code
Sec. § 99268.1

Commencing with claims for the 198081 fiscal year, an operator that was in compliance with Section 99268 during the 197879 fiscal year in order to be eligible for funds under this article shall be eligible for such funds in any fiscal year, if it remains in compliance with that section during the fiscal year. The determination of compliance for any fiscal year shall be made in the same manner as the determination was made for the 197879 fiscal year, except for the exemption provided under Section 99267.5. An allowance for depreciation shall be made in the same manner as provided in the 197879 fiscal year.
For purposes of this section, an operator granted a waiver from the requirements of Section 99268 pursuant to Section 99268.8, as it read on January 1, 1979, shall not be deemed in compliance with that section.
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