CA Pub Util Code Section 99243


The Controller, in cooperation with the department and the operators, shall design and adopt a uniform system of accounts and records, from which the operators shall prepare and submit annual reports of their operation to the transportation planning agencies having jurisdiction over them and to the Controller within 90 days of the end of the fiscal year. If the report is filed in electronic format as prescribed by the Controller, the report shall be furnished within 110 days after the close of each fiscal year. The report shall specify (1) the amount of revenue generated from each source and its application for the prior fiscal year and (2) the data necessary to determine which section, with respect to Sections 99268.1, 99268.2, 99268.3, 99268.4, 99268.5, and 99268.9, the operator is required to be in compliance in order to be eligible for funds under this article.


As a supplement to the annual report prepared pursuant to subdivision (a), each operator shall include an estimate of the amount of revenues to be generated from each source and its proposed application for the next fiscal year, and a report on the extent to which it has contracted with the Prison Industry Authority, including the nature and dollar amounts of all contracts entered into during the reporting period and proposed for the next reporting period.


The Controller shall instruct the county auditor to withhold payments from the fund to an operator that has not submitted its annual report to the Controller within the time specified by subdivision (a).


In establishing the uniform system of accounts and records, the Controller shall include the data required by the United States Department of Transportation and the department.


Notwithstanding any other law or any regulation, including any California Code of Regulations provision, the City of El Segundo, the City of Huntington Beach, the City of Inglewood, the City of Long Beach, or the City of South Lake Tahoe may select, for purposes of this chapter, on a one-time basis, a fiscal year that does not end on June 30. After the city has sent a written notice to the Secretary of Transportation and the Controller that the city has selected a fiscal year other than one ending on June 30, the fiscal year selected by the city shall be its fiscal year for all reports required by the state under this chapter.
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