CA Pub Util Code Section 99235

Upon having determined the allocation of each claimant on the fund, the transportation planning agency shall convey such information to each claimant and the county auditor, together with one allocation instruction for each claimant advising the auditor as to the time and the nature of payment. Such instruction may call for a single payment, for payment as moneys become available, or for payment by installments monthly, quarterly, or otherwise. The allocation and instruction may be rescinded and revised by the transportation planning agency only under one of the following circumstances:


An appeal has been filed.


The claimant is found to be spending, or unless enjoined to be about to spend, moneys otherwise than in accordance with the terms of the allocation.


An adjustment is proved to be necessary to reconcile the estimates on which the allocation was based with the actual figures when these are available.


The financial needs of the claimant differ from those at the time of the allocation due to changed circumstances.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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