CA Pub Util Code Section 90072

Upon receipt of the resolutions or petitions, or sufficient combination of both, the board of supervisors shall call a hearing thereon not less than 77 days nor more than 91 days following the receipt of all of the required resolutions or petitions, or both. The board of supervisors shall publish notice of said hearing in any newspaper of general circulation published within the proposed district in accordance with Section 6066 of the Government Code. The notice shall state the name and nature of the proposed district, that all petitions and resolutions may be inspected at the office of the clerk of said board of supervisors, that the proposed district shall include the seven cities specified in Section 90050, the boundaries of any unincorporated territory proposed for inclusion, the time and place for the hearing, and that all interested persons shall be given an opportunity to express their views.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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