CA Pub Util Code Section 6010


The advertisement may also contain a statement that the successful bidder for any franchise or privilege struck off, sold, and awarded under this article shall file a bond running to the county, city and county, or city, approved by the governing body. The advertisement may require a bond executed by an admitted surety insurer. The bond shall be in a penal sum prescribed by the governing body and set forth in the advertisement for bids, and conditioned that the bidder shall well and truly observe, fulfill, and perform each term and condition of the franchise, and that in case of any breach of condition of the bond, the whole amount of the penal sum therein named shall be deemed to be liquidated damages.


The bond if required shall be filed with the governing body within the time specified in the advertisement and if no time is specified within five days after the franchise is awarded. The franchise shall be granted by ordinance to the person, firm, or corporation to whom it has been struck off, sold or awarded. If the bond is not filed within the time required, the award of the franchise may be set aside at any time prior to the filing and, if set aside, any money paid for the franchise shall be forfeited, and if an ordinance has been enacted granting the franchise, the governing or legislative body may repeal the ordinance and the franchise shall, in the discretion of the governing or legislative body, be readvertised and again offered for sale in the same manner and under the same restrictions, as provided in this article.
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