California Public Utilities Code

Sec. § 5930


Notwithstanding any other provision of this division, any video service provider that currently holds a franchise with a local franchising entity in a county that is a party, either alone or in conjunction with any other local franchising entity located in that county, to a stipulation and consent judgment executed by the parties thereto and approved by a federal district court shall neither be entitled to seek a state franchise in any area of that county, including any unincorporated area and any incorporated city of that county, nor abrogate any existing franchise before July 1, 2014. Prior to July 1, 2014, the video service provider shall continue to be exclusively governed by any existing franchise with a local franchising entity for the term of that franchise and any and all issues relating to renewal, transfer, or otherwise in relation to that franchise shall be resolved pursuant to that existing franchise and otherwise applicable federal and local law. This subdivision shall not be deemed to extend any existing franchise beyond its term.


When an incumbent cable operator is providing service under an expired franchise or a franchise that expires before January 2, 2008, the local entity may extend that franchise on the same terms and conditions through January 2, 2008. A state franchise issued to any incumbent cable operator shall not become operative prior to January 2, 2008.


When a video service provider that holds a state franchise provides the notice required pursuant to subdivision (n) of Section 5840 to a local entity, the local franchising entity may require all incumbent cable operators to seek a state franchise and shall terminate the franchise issued by the local franchising entity when the commission issues a state franchise for the video service provider that includes the entire service area served by the video service provider and the video service provider notifies the local entity that it will begin providing video service in that area under a state franchise.

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