CA Pub Util Code Section 5387.3


A charter-party carrier described in subdivision (c) of Section 5387, that has received a notice of refusal or revocation of its permit to operate, may submit to the commission, within 15 days after the mailing of the notice, a written request for a hearing. The charter-party carrier shall furnish a copy of the request to the Department of the California Highway Patrol at the same time that it makes its request for a hearing to the commission. Failure to request a hearing, in writing, within the 15-day period is a waiver of the right to a hearing.


Upon receipt by the commission of the hearing request, the commission shall hold a hearing within a reasonable time, not to exceed 21 days, and may appoint a hearing officer to conduct the hearing. At the hearing, the burden of proof is on the charter-party carrier to prove that it was not in violation of subdivision (c) of Section 5387.


The refusal to, or revocation of, the permit to operate, may only be rescinded by the hearing officer if the charter-party carrier proves that it was not in violation of subdivision (c) of Section 5387, and that the basis of the refusal or revocation resulted from a factual error.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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