CA Pub Util Code Section 5378.1


Beginning July 1, 1990, and continuing thereafter, every charter-party carrier shall file with the commission one of the following:


A certificate of workers’ compensation coverage for its employees issued by an admitted insurer.


A certification of consent to self-insure issued by the Director of Industrial Relations.


A statement under penalty of perjury, stating that, in its operations as a charter-party carrier, it does not employ any person in any manner so as to become subject to the workers’ compensation laws of this state.


The workers’ compensation certified to under paragraph (1) of subdivision (a) shall be effective until canceled. Cancellation shall require 30 days’ advance notice.


If, after filing the statement described in paragraph (3) of subdivision (a), the carrier becomes subject to the workers’ compensation laws of this state, the carrier shall promptly notify the commission that the carrier is withdrawing its statement under paragraph (3) of subdivision (a), and shall simultaneously file the certificate described in either paragraph (1) or (2) of subdivision (a).


The commission may adopt rules and regulations that it determines to be necessary to carry out this section.
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