CA Pub Util Code Section 404


All fees paid pursuant to this chapter, exclusive of any penalties for delinquency, shall be allowed by the commission in a separate order as an ordinary operating expense for purposes of establishing rates or charges. The commission shall authorize each person or corporation subject to Section 421 or 431 to annually adjust its rates or charges for intrastate services so as to collect from its customers and subscribers an amount sufficient to pay the amount of the fee required by Section 421 or 431 together with the costs of collecting the fee from each customer or subscriber.


The commission shall adopt rules to determine the appropriate level of fees for carriers that provide transportation services incidental to commercial balloon operations, commercial river rafting, or skiing.


Each person or corporation subject to Section 421 or 431 may identify separately, on the bill of each customer or subscriber, the amount to be paid by each customer or subscriber for purposes of funding the commission pursuant to this chapter.


Persons or corporations subject to Section 421 or 431 shall pay the fee in accordance with Section 423 or 433 after collection from their customers or subscribers.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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