CA Pub Util Code Section 398.5


Retail suppliers that disclose specific purchases pursuant to Section 398.4 shall annually report to the Energy Commission, for each electricity offering for the previous calendar year, each of the following:


The kilowatthours purchased, by generator and fuel type during the previous calendar year, consistent with the meter data, including losses, reported to the system operator.


For each electricity offering the kilowatthours sold at retail.


For each electricity offering the disclosures made to consumers pursuant to Section 398.4.


Information submitted to the Energy Commission pursuant to this section that is a trade secret as defined in subdivision (d) of Section 3426.1 of the Civil Code shall not be released except in an aggregated form such that trade secrets cannot be discerned.


The Energy Commission shall specify guidelines and standard formats, based on the requirements of this article and subject to public hearing, for the submittal of information pursuant to this article.


In developing the rules and procedures specified in this section, the Energy Commission shall seek to minimize the reporting burden and cost of reporting that it imposes on retail suppliers.


The provisions of this section shall not apply to generators providing electric service onsite, under an over-the-fence transaction as described in Section 218, or to an affiliate or affiliates, as defined in subdivision (a) of Section 372.


The Energy Commission may verify environmental claims made by retail suppliers.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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