CA Pub Util Code Section 365

The actions of the commission pursuant to this chapter shall be consistent with the findings and declarations contained in Section 330. In addition, the commission shall do all of the following:


Facilitate the efforts of the state’s electrical corporations to develop and obtain authorization from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for the creation and operation of an Independent System Operator and an independent Power Exchange, for the determination of which transmission and distribution facilities are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the commission, and for approval, to the extent necessary, of the cost recovery mechanism established as provided in Sections 367 to 376, inclusive. The commission shall also participate fully in all proceedings before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in connection with the Independent System Operator and the independent Power Exchange, and shall encourage the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to adopt protocols and procedures that strengthen the reliability of the interconnected transmission grid, encourage all publicly owned utilities in California to become full participants, and maximize enforceability of such protocols and procedures by all market participants.


(1)Authorize direct transactions between electricity suppliers and end use customers, subject to implementation of the nonbypassable charge referred to in Sections 367 to 376, inclusive. Direct transactions shall commence simultaneously with the start of an Independent System Operator and Power Exchange referred to in subdivision (a). The simultaneous commencement shall occur as soon as practicable, but no later than January 1, 1998. The commission shall develop a phase-in schedule at the conclusion of which all customers shall have the right to engage in direct transactions. Any phase-in of customer eligibility for direct transactions ordered by the commission shall be equitable to all customer classes and accomplished as soon as practicable, consistent with operational and other technological considerations, and shall be completed for all customers by January 1, 2002.


Customers shall be eligible for direct access irrespective of any direct access phase-in implemented pursuant to this section if at least one-half of that customer’s electrical load is supplied by energy from a renewable resource provider certified pursuant to Section 383, provided however that nothing in this section shall provide for direct access for electric consumers served by municipal utilities unless so authorized by the governing board of that municipal utility.
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