CA Pub Util Code Section 353.3


The commission shall require each electrical corporation under the operational control of the Independent System Operator as of January 1, 2001, to modify its tariffs so that all customers installing new distributed energy resources in accordance with the criteria described in Section 353.1 are served under rates, rules, and requirements identical to those of a customer within the same rate schedule that does not use distributed energy resources, and to withdraw any provisions in otherwise applicable tariffs that activate other tariffs, rates, or rules if a customer uses distributed energy resources.


To qualify for the tariffs described in subdivision (a), each customer with distributed energy resources that meet the criteria of Section 353.1 shall participate in a real-time metering and pricing program, when these programs become available, in which rates for any energy purchased from the electrical corporation reflect the actual cost to the electrical corporation of energy it purchases at the time it is consumed by the customer. Prior to the time these programs become available, the customer shall participate in a time-of-use pricing tariff. On or before December 31, 2001, the commission shall adopt a real time pricing tariff for the purpose of this section.


Except as specified in Section 353.7, customers may not be subject to the application of additional rates or tariffs solely because of their use of distributed energy resources to serve onsite loads or over-the-fence transactions allowed under Sections 216 and 218.
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