CA Pub Util Code Section 341.4

The Oversight Board shall appoint, and fix the salary of, an executive director who shall have charge of administering the affairs of the Oversight Board, including entering into contracts, subject to the direction and policies of the Oversight Board. Notwithstanding Sections 11042 and 11043 of the Government Code, the Oversight Board shall appoint an attorney who shall advise the Oversight Board and each member and represent the Oversight Board as a party in any state or federal action or proceeding related to the purposes of this chapter or to an action of the Oversight Board and who shall perform generally all the duties of attorney to the Oversight Board. For purposes of this section, the Oversight Board may appoint a person exempt pursuant to subdivision (e) of Section 4 of Article VII of the California Constitution. The executive director shall, in accordance with Article VII of the California Constitution and subject to the approval of the Oversight Board, appoint employees as may be necessary to carry out the Oversight Board’s duties and responsibilities.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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