CA Pub Util Code Section 33006

The bonds issued pursuant to this chapter shall bear interest at a rate or rates not exceeding 12 percent per annum, payable semiannually, except that the first interest payable on the bonds or any series thereof may be for any period not to exceed one year as determined by the board. In the resolution or resolutions providing for the issuance of bonds, the board may also provide for call and redemption of the bonds prior to maturity at times and prices and upon any other terms that it may specify. However, no bond is subject to call or redemption prior to maturity unless the bond contains a recital to that effect. The denomination or denominations of bonds shall be stated in the resolution providing for their issuance, but shall not be less than five thousand dollars ($5,000). The principal of, and interest on, the bonds shall be payable in lawful money of the United States at the office of the treasurer of the district or at any other place or places that may be designated by the board, or at either place or places at the option of the holders of the bonds. The bonds shall be dated, numbered consecutively, signed by the president and treasurer, and countersigned by the secretary and shall have the official seal of the district attached. The interest coupons of the bonds shall be signed by the treasurer. The seal and all signatures and countersignatures may be printed, lithographed, or mechanically reproduced, except that one signature or countersignature shall be manually affixed. If an officer, whose signature or countersignature appears on the bonds or coupons, leaves office for any reason prior to the delivery of the bonds, the officer’s signature is as effective as if the officer had remained in office.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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