CA Pub Util Code Section 316


Each electrical corporation shall cooperate fully with the commission in an investigation into any major accident or any reportable incident, as these terms are defined by the commission, concerning overhead electric supply facilities, regardless of pending litigation or other investigations, including, but not limited to, those that may be related to a commission investigation.


After the scene of the incident has been made safe and service has been restored, each electrical corporation shall provide the commission, upon its request, immediate access to all of the following:


Any factual or physical evidence under the electrical corporation’s, or its agent’s, physical control, custody, or possession related to the incident.


The name and contact information of any known percipient witness.


Any employee percipient witness under the electrical corporation’s control.


The name and contact information of any person or entity that has taken possession of any physical evidence removed from the site of the incident.


Any and all documents under the electrical corporation’s control that are related to the incident and are not subject to attorney-client privilege or attorney work product doctrine.


Each electrical corporation shall preserve any and all documents or evidence it collects as part of its own investigation related to the incident for at least five years or a shorter period of time as authorized by the commission.


Any and all documents collected by an electrical corporation pursuant to this section shall be catalogued and preserved in an accessible manner for assessment by commission investigators as determined by the commission.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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