CA Pub Util Code Section 311.5


(1)Prior to commencement of any meeting at which commissioners vote on items on the public agenda the commission shall make available to the public copies of the agenda, and upon request, any agenda item documents that are proposed to be considered by the commission for action or decision at a commission meeting.


In addition, the commission shall publish the agenda, agenda item documents, and adopted decisions in a manner that makes copies of them easily available to the public, including publishing those documents on the Internet. Publication of the agenda and agenda item documents shall occur on the Internet at the same time as the written agenda and agenda item documents are made available to the public.


The commission shall publish and maintain the following documents on the Internet:


Each of the commission’s proposed and alternate proposed decisions and resolutions, until the decision or resolution is adopted and published.


Each of the commission’s adopted decisions and resolutions. The publication shall occur within 10 days of the adoption of each decision or resolution by the commission.


The then-current version of the commission’s general orders and Rules of Practice and Procedure.


Each of the commission’s rulings. The commission shall maintain those rulings on its Internet Web site until final disposition, including disposition of any judicial appeals, of the respective proceedings in which the rulings were issued.


A docket card that lists, by title and date of filing or issuance, all documents filed and all decisions or rulings issued in those proceedings. The commission shall maintain the docket card until final disposition, including disposition of any judicial appeals, of the corresponding proceedings.
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