CA Pub Util Code Section 2881.1


In addition to the requirements of Section 2881, the commission shall design and implement a program to provide a telecommunications device capable of servicing the needs of the deaf or severely hearing impaired, together with a single party line, at no charge additional to the basic exchange rate, to any subscriber which is an agency of state government and which the commission determines serves a significant portion of the deaf or severely hearing-impaired population, and to an office located in the State Capitol and selected by the Joint Rules Committee, for purposes of access by the deaf or severely hearing impaired to Members of the Legislature.


The commission shall permit providers of equipment and service specified in subdivision (a) to recover costs as they are incurred under this section pursuant to subdivision (g) of Section 2881.


The commission may direct any telephone corporation subject to its jurisdiction to comply with its determinations pursuant to this section.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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