CA Pub Util Code Section 21674.5


The Department of Transportation shall develop and implement a program or programs to assist in the training and development of the staff of airport land use commissions, after consulting with airport land use commissions, cities, counties, and other appropriate public entities.


The training and development program or programs are intended to assist the staff of airport land use commissions in addressing high priority needs, and may include, but need not be limited to, the following:


The establishment of a process for the development and adoption of airport land use compatibility plans.


The development of criteria for determining the airport influence area.


The identification of essential elements that should be included in the airport land use compatibility plans.


Appropriate criteria and procedures for reviewing proposed developments and determining whether proposed developments are compatible with the airport use.


Any other organizational, operational, procedural, or technical responsibilities and functions that the department determines to be appropriate to provide to commission staff and for which it determines there is a need for staff training or development.


The department may provide training and development programs for airport land use commission staff pursuant to this section by any means it deems appropriate. Those programs may be presented in any of the following ways:


By offering formal courses or training programs.


By sponsoring or assisting in the organization and sponsorship of conferences, seminars, or other similar events.


By producing and making available written information.


Any other feasible method of providing information and assisting in the training and development of airport land use commission staff.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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