CA Pub Util Code Section 21408

For any violation of Section 21407 or 21407.1, in addition to the penalties provided by Section 21019 or 21407.6, the court may prohibit the violator from operating an aircraft within the state for a period not exceeding one year. Violation of the prohibition of the court may be treated as a separate offense under this section or as a contempt of court. Upon a plea of guilty or conviction under Section 21407 or 21407.1, the department shall cause a record of the plea or conviction and of the sentence imposed to be maintained. This section does not authorize the court or any other agency or person to take away, impound, hold, or mark any federal certificate, permit, rating, or license. The peace officer requesting that a person submit to a chemical test of the blood, breath, or urine pursuant to Section 21407.2 shall report anyone refusing to submit to the chemical test to the Federal Aviation Administration for appropriate administrative action.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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