CA Pub Util Code Section 1904.1

The commission shall also charge and collect a fee for a certificate authorizing an issue of stock, which fee shall be computed at the rates set forth in subdivision (b) of Section 1904 and determined by the commission upon the basis of the proposed maximum proceeds. No fee shall be paid on such portion of any such issue as may be used to guarantee, take over, refund, discharge, or retire any stock, bond, note, or other evidence of indebtedness on which a fee has theretofore been paid to the commission. If the commission modifies the amount of the issue requested in any case and the applicant thereupon elects not to avail itself of the commission’s authorization, no fee shall be paid, and if such fee is paid prior to the issuance of such certificate by the commission, such fee shall be refunded.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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