CA Pub Util Code Section 1902

Every order, authorization, or certificate issued or approved by the commission under the following provisions of this part shall be in writing and entered on the records of the commission:


Sections 764 to 767, inclusive.


Sections 816 to 829, inclusive.


Sections 851 to 853, inclusive.


Sections 1001 to 1010, inclusive.


Sections 1201 to 1220, inclusive. Any order, authorization, or certificate, or a copy thereof, or a copy of the record thereof, certified by a commissioner or by the executive director or the assistant executive director under the official seal of the commission to be a true copy of the original, may be recorded in the office of the recorder of any county, or city and county, in which is located the principal place of business of any public utility affected thereby, or in which is situated any property of any such public utility, and that record is public notice. A certificate under the seal of the commission that any order, authorization, or certificate has not been modified, stayed, suspended, or revoked may also be recorded in the same offices in the same manner and with like effect.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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