California Public Utilities Code
Sec. § 141040


The authority or any of the districts, either in conjunction with the authority or any other of the districts or individually, may issue general and special revenue bonds for the acquisition, construction, or completion of any works, equipment, materials, supplies, properties, or structures necessary or convenient to carry out the objects and purposes of this division.


The total amount of bonds outstanding shall not be in excess of one hundred million dollars ($100,000,000) at any one time per district.


Each separate improvement shall be designated as a “project” and the purpose, nature, and extent thereof shall be described in general terms prior to the issuance of any bonds.


The validity of the authorization and issuance of any revenue bonds by the authority or the districts is not dependent on nor affected in any way by any of the following:


Proceedings taken by the authority or the districts for the acquisition, construction, or completion of any improvement or any part thereof.


Any contracts made by the authority or the districts for the acquisition, construction, or completion of any improvements.


The failure to complete any improvements for which bonds are authorized to be issued.


The authority or any district shall issue revenue bonds in its name only. These bonds shall constitute obligations of the authority or district only, and neither the payment of principal or interest of any bond constitutes a debt, liability, or obligation of the State of California. The authority or district shall determine the time, form, and manner of the issuance of revenue bonds.


The authority or the districts may enter into indentures providing the aggregate principal amount, date or dates, maturities, interest rate, denomination, form, registration transfer, and interchange of the bonds and coupons and the terms and conditions upon which the bonds and coupons shall be executed, issued, secured, sold, paid, redeemed, funded, and refunded. Reference to this division shall be made on the face of the bonds to those indentures by its date of adoption, or the apparent date, on the face thereof and into the body of these bonds and their appurtenant coupons. Each taker and subsequent holder of these bonds or coupons, whether the coupons are attached or detached from the bonds, has recourse to all of the provisions of the indenture and of this division, and is bound thereby.
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