CA Pub Res Code Section 75028


The department shall allocate grants on a competitive basis within each identified hydrologic region or sub-region pursuant to Section 75027. The department may establish standards and procedures for the development and approval of local project selection processes within hydrologic regions and sub-regions identified in Section 75027. The department shall defer to approved local project selection, and review projects only for consistency with the purposes of Section 75026.


If a hydrologic region or sub-region identified in Section 75027 does not have any adopted plan that meets the requirements of Section 75026 at the time of the department’s grant selection process, the funds allocated to that hydrologic region or sub-region shall not be reallocated to another region but will remain unallocated until such time as an adopted plan from the hydrologic region or sub-region is submitted to the department.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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