CA Pub Res Code Section 71354

The Integrated Climate Adaptation and Resiliency Program is hereby established to be administered by the office. No later than January 1, 2017, the Director of State Planning and Research shall establish the program to coordinate regional and local efforts with state climate adaptation strategies to adapt to the impacts of climate change with, to the extent feasible, an emphasis on climate equity considerations across sectors and regions and strategies that benefit both greenhouse gas emissions reductions and adaptation efforts, in order to facilitate the development of holistic, complimentary strategies for adapting to climate change impacts. In order to achieve these goals, the program shall include, but not be limited to, all of the following:


Working with and coordinating local and regional efforts for climate adaptation and resilience, including, but not limited to, the following:


Developing tools and guidance.


Promoting and coordinating state agency support for local and regional efforts.


Informing state-led programs, including state planning processes, grant programs, and guideline development, to better reflect the goals, efforts, and challenges faced by local and regional entities pursuing adaptation, preparedness, and resilience. This should occur through regular coordination between the office, the Climate Action Team, which was established by Executive Order S-3-05, the Strategic Growth Council, and other state agencies, including, but not limited to, the Office of Emergency Services, the California Environmental Protection Agency, the Natural Resources Agency, the Transportation Agency, the State Department of Public Health, and the Department of Food and Agriculture.


Assisting the Office of Emergency Services and other relevant state agencies with coordinating regular reviews and updates, as needed, to the Adaptation Planning Guide, pursuant to Section 71356, and maintaining a copy of the guide, or an electronic link to a copy of the guide posted, at a minimum, on the state’s Climate Change Portal and the office’s Internet Web site.


Coordinating and maintaining the state’s clearinghouse for climate adaptation information, pursuant to Section 71360.


Conducting regular meetings with the advisory council established pursuant to Section 71358 in order to have technical support, as well as expertise and advice from regional and local experts working in climate adaptation throughout the research and planning processes, as described in this section.
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