CA Pub Res Code Section 71068


Upon the completion of a demonstration of any standardized electronic format and protocol and alternative signature technique pursuant to this part, to the satisfaction of the advisory committee, the secretary shall adopt that electronic format and protocol standard for use as an optional alternative to submitting environmental data on paper to any state or local agency.


Any local agency requiring the submission of an element of environmental data not found in the data dictionary maintained by the secretary pursuant to Section 71062 may petition the secretary for inclusion of that data element. The secretary shall include an additional data item in the data dictionary only if the local agency demonstrates both of the following:


One of the following applies:


A specific requirement for that item in existing law or regulation.


A principle of mathematics or science that requires the collection of that data item to meet another specific purpose under the applicable law.


There is no other way to meet the local agency’s needs using combinations of data elements already incorporated into the data dictionary.


The electronic submission of environmental data to any state or local agency in accordance with the data standards adopted under this part constitutes compliance with the environmental data reporting or other usage requirements imposed pursuant to the laws specified in subdivisions (a) to (f), inclusive, of Section 71061, and has the same force and effect as if the data had been submitted in ink on paper.


Notwithstanding any other provision of law, no person or state or local agency shall be required to submit or receive environmental data electronically, but every state or local agency that elects to engage in electronic data management with regard to environmental data shall employ the electronic reporting standards adopted by the secretary under this part.


Nothing in this section limits any existing authority of a local agency to require the submission of environmental data.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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