Section 5096.197


Prior to recommending the acquisition of lands that are located on or near tidelands, submerged lands, swamp or overflowed lands, or other wetlands, whether or not such lands have been granted in trust to a local public agency, the Director of Parks and Recreation or, the Executive Officer of the State Coastal Conservancy, or the Executive Director of the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission, as the case may be, shall submit to the State Lands Commission any proposal by a state or local public agency for the acquisition of such lands pursuant to this chapter. The State Lands Commission shall, within three months of such submittal, review such proposed acquisition, make a determination as to the states existing or potential interest in the lands, and report its findings to the person making the submittal and to the Department of General Services.


No provision of this chapter shall be construed as authorizing the condemnation of state lands.
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