CA Pub Res Code Section 5096.142

The Legislature hereby finds and declares that:


It is the responsibility of this state to provide and to encourage the provision of recreational opportunities and facilities for citizens of California.


It is the policy of the state to preserve, protect, and, where possible, restore coastal resources which are of significant recreational or environmental importance for the enjoyment of present and future generations of persons of all income levels, all ages, and all social groups.


When there is proper planning and development, parks, beaches, recreation areas and recreational facilities, and historical resources preservation projects contribute not only to a healthy physical and moral environment, but also contribute to the economic betterment of the state, and, therefore, it is in the public interest for the state to acquire, develop, and restore areas for recreation, conservation, and preservation and to aid local governments of the state in acquiring, developing, and restoring such areas as will contribute to the realization of the policy declared in this chapter.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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