CA Pub Res Code Section 48653

The board shall deposit all amounts paid pursuant to Section 48650 by manufacturers, civil penalties, and fines paid pursuant to this chapter, and all other revenues received pursuant to this chapter into the California Used Oil Recycling Fund, which is hereby created in the State Treasury. Notwithstanding Section 13340 of the Government Code, the money in the fund is to be appropriated solely as follows:


Continuously appropriated to the board for expenditure for the following purposes:


To pay recycling incentives pursuant to Section 48651.


To provide a reserve for contingencies, as may be available after making other payments required by this section, in an amount not to exceed one million dollars ($1,000,000).


(A)To make payments for the implementation of local used oil collection programs adopted pursuant to Article 10 (commencing with Section 48690) to cities, based on the city’s population, and counties, based on the population of the unincorporated area of the county. Payment shall be determined by multiplying the total annual amount by the fraction equal to the population of cities and counties that are eligible for payments pursuant to Section 48690, divided by the population of the state. The board shall use the latest population estimates of the state generated by the Population Research Unit of the Department of Finance in making the calculations required by this paragraph. Notwithstanding subdivision (b) of Section 48656, the total annual amount shall equal eleven million dollars ($11,000,000), subject to subparagraph (B).


If sufficient funds are not available to initially issue full funding pursuant to subparagraph (A), the board shall provide funding as follows:


For the purposes set forth in this paragraph, one-half of the amount that remains in the fund after the expenditures are made pursuant to paragraphs (1) and (2) and subdivision (b). The board may utilize additional amounts from the fund, up to, but not exceeding, eleven million dollars ($11,000,000).


As the board finds is fiscally appropriate, for the purposes set forth in Section 48656. The board shall give priority to the distribution of funding in clause (i) for the purposes of this paragraph.


Pursuant to paragraph (2) of subdivision (d) of Section 48691, it is the intent of this paragraph that at least one million dollars ($1,000,000) be made available specifically for used oil filter collection and recycling programs.


To implement Section 48660.5, in an amount not to exceed two hundred thousand dollars ($200,000) annually.


For expenditures pursuant to Section 48656.


The money in the fund may be expended by the board for the administration of this chapter and by the department for inspections and reports pursuant to Section 48661, only upon appropriation by the Legislature in the annual Budget Act.


(1)Except as provided in paragraph (2), the money in the fund may be transferred to the Farm and Ranch Solid Waste Cleanup and Abatement Account in the General Fund, upon appropriation by the Legislature in the annual Budget Act, to pay the costs associated with implementing and operating the Farm and Ranch Solid Waste Cleanup and Abatement Grant Program established pursuant to Chapter 2.5 (commencing with Section 48100).


The money in the fund attributable to a charge increase or adjustment made or authorized in an amendment to subdivision (a) of Section 48650 by the act adding this paragraph shall not be transferred to the Farm and Ranch Solid Waste Cleanup and Abatement Account.


The money in the fund may be expended by the Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery, upon appropriation by the Legislature, pursuant to paragraph (4) of subdivision (a) of, and paragraph (4) of subdivision (b) of, Section 17001.


Appropriations to the board to pay the costs necessary to administer this chapter shall not exceed three million dollars ($3,000,000) annually.


The Legislature hereby finds and declares its intent that three hundred fifty thousand dollars ($350,000) should be annually appropriated from the California Used Oil Recycling Fund in the annual Budget Act to the board, commencing with fiscal year 2010–11, for the purposes of Section 48655 and to conduct those investigations and enforcement actions necessary to ensure a used oil storage facility or used oil transfer facility causes the used lubricating oil to be transported, as required by subdivision (a) of Section 48651.
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