CA Pub Res Code Section 4799.04

To effectuate the purposes of this chapter, the department is authorized to:


Collect or contract for adequate supplies of high-quality seed and take whatever steps are necessary to insure to the maximum degree feasible that seeds or seedlings planted as part of forest resource improvement projects undertaken pursuant to this chapter are adapted to the planting site and measures are taken to assure appropriate diversity of forest species.


Contract for seedling production and, in cooperation with other state, local, and federal agencies, encourage the production of seedlings needed to accomplish reforestation in the state by small business entities in or near areas where planting will be carried out.


Provide technical assistance to private seedling nurseries and conduct a program for certification of the quality and adaptability of seeds and tree seedlings supplied for forest resource improvement projects undertaken pursuant to this chapter.


Increase availability of genetically improved seed and planting stock by expansion of seed orchards or other recognized tree improvement techniques.


In cooperation with other public and private entities or persons:


Conduct necessary research and take other appropriate measures to protect the genetic integrity and diversity of forest tree species, including, but not limited to, a seed depository.


Conduct research and make grants or enter into contracts or cooperative agreements with public and private entities or persons concerning measures to increase the contribution of trees to improve the natural environment and economy of the state and measures to otherwise accomplish the purposes of this chapter.


Purchase necessary equipment or materials and, in accordance with the State Civil Service Act (commencing with Section 18570 of the Government Code), appoint such deputies, officers, and other employees as may be necessary.


In cooperation with other public and private entities and persons, establish such training and educational programs as may be appropriate to increase the number of workers with necessary skills to carry out seed collection, seedling production, and forest resource improvement projects.


To accept grants and donations of equipment, seedlings, materials, or funds from any source for the purpose of supporting or facilitating forest resource improvement work undertaken pursuant to the provisions of this chapter. Any funds received shall be deposited by the director in the Forest Resource Improvement Fund established pursuant to Chapter 3 (commencing with Section 4799.13) of this part. No federal funds received as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (Public Law 111- 5) shall be deposited into the Forest Resources Improvement Fund.


Waive the landowner cost sharing requirements of this chapter if the funding source for the authorized forest improvement work prohibits cost sharing requirements.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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