Section 4593.3

A nonindustrial timber management plan may be filed with the department in writing by a person who intends to become a nonindustrial tree farmer with the long-term objective of an uneven aged timber stand and sustained yield through the implementation of a nonindustrial timber management plan. The management plan shall be prepared by a registered professional forester. It shall be a public record and shall include all of the following information:


The name and address of the timberland owner.


A description of the land on which the plan is proposed to be implemented, including a United States Geological Survey quadrangle map or equivalent indicating the location of all streams, the location of all proposed and existing logging truck roads, and indicating boundaries of all site I classification timberlands to be stocked in accordance with subdivision (b) of Section 4561 and any other site classifications if the board establishes specific minimum stocking standards for other site classifications.


A description of the silviculture methods to be applied and the type of yarding equipment to be used.


An outline of the methods to be used to avoid excessive accelerated erosion from timber operations to be conducted within the proximity of a stream.


Special provisions, if any, to protect any unique area within the boundaries of the proposed nonindustrial timber management plan.


A description of the existing stand, its current projected growth, alterations required to achieve the management objectives, the projected timber volumes and tree sizes to be available for harvest, and projected frequencies of harvest.


A certification by the registered professional forester preparing the plan that he or she or a designee has personally inspected the plan area.


Any other information the board provides by regulation to meet its rules and the standards of this chapter.


This section shall become operative on January 1, 1996.


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