CA Pub Res Code Section 4562.7

The purpose of this section is to ensure the protection of beneficial uses that are derived from the physical form, water quality, and biological capability of streams. To these ends, in addition to the rules provided for in Section 4551.5, the board shall adopt rules for control of timber operations that will result or threaten to result in unreasonable effects on the beneficial uses of the waters of the state. The rules shall include rules for:


The disposal of petroleum products, sanitary wastes, refuse, and cleaning agents in proper dumps or waste treatment facilities to prevent them from entering streams.


Construction of logging road and tractor trail stream crossings to assure substantially unimpaired flow of water and to assure free passage of fish both upstream and downstream.


Minimizing damage to unmerchantable streamside vegetation, particularly hardwood trees.


Minimizing damage to streambeds or banks resulting from skidding or hauling logs through, across, or into streams, by operating tractors or other heavy equipment in or near streambeds, or by construction of log landings or logging roads in or near the channels of streams.


Control of slash, debris, fill, and side cast earth, resulting from timber operations, which may be carried into streams.


Minimizing the effects of erosion on watercourses and lakes by both of the following:


Installation and maintenance of drainage facilities and soil stabilization treatments as required on timber operations.


Planned abandonment of roads and landings.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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