CA Pub Res Code Section 43310.1


If the board becomes the enforcement agency, on or after January 1, 1995, the local governing body and the board shall enter into an agreement which shall identify the jurisdictional boundaries of the enforcement agency; address the powers and duties to be performed by the board as the enforcement agency, and identify an estimated workload and anticipated costs to the board. The agreement shall also identify the cost recovery procedures to be followed by the board pursuant to Section 43310.


If, after a good faith effort by the board and the local governing body, no agreement is reached between the local governing body and the board within the 90-day period specified in Section 43216, or within 90 days after a local governing body notifies the board of its intent not to designate an enforcement agency pursuant to Section 43203, the board shall make the determinations specified in subdivision (a) that would have been the subject of the agreement.


If the board becomes the enforcement agency for Stanislaus County or Santa Cruz County, the board shall impose fees authorized pursuant to this section directly on the solid waste facilities in those counties, and shall not require the local governing body to impose or collect those fees.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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