CA Pub Res Code Section 3715

The supervisor shall also supervise the drilling, operation, maintenance, and abandonment of wells so as to permit the owners or operators of such wells to utilize all methods and practices known to the industry for the purpose of increasing the ultimate recovery of geothermal resources and which, in the opinion of the supervisor, are suitable for such purpose in each proposed case. In order to further the elimination of waste by increasing the recovery of geothermal resources it is hereby declared as a policy of this state that the grant in a geothermal resources lease or contract to a lessee or operator of the right or power, in substance, to explore for and remove all geothermal resources from any lands in the State of California, in the absence of an express provision to the contrary contained in such lease or contract, is deemed to allow the lessee or contractor or his successors or assigns, to do what a prudent operator using reasonable diligence would do, having in mind the best interest of the lessor, lessee and the state, in producing and removing geothermal resources; provided, however, nothing contained in this section imposes a legal duty upon such lessee or contractor, his successors or assigns, to conduct such operations.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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