CA Pub Res Code Section 35615

The council shall do all of the following:


(1)Coordinate activities of state agencies that are related to the protection and conservation of coastal waters and ocean ecosystems to improve the effectiveness of state efforts to protect ocean resources within existing fiscal limitations, consistent with Sections 35510 and 35515.


Establish policies to coordinate the collection, evaluation, and sharing of scientific data related to coastal and ocean resources among agencies.


(A)Establish a science advisory team of distinguished scientists to assist the council in meeting the purposes of this division. At the request of the council, the science advisory team may convene to identify, develop, and prioritize subjects and questions for research or investigation, and review and evaluate results of research or investigations to provide information for the council’s activities.


The science advisory team shall include scientists from a range of disciplines that are a part of the council’s purview.


The science advisory team shall provide an independent and timely analysis of reports and studies, identifying areas of scientific consensus or uncertainty, using the best available science by drawing on state, national, and international experts.


Scientists selected as members of the science advisory team shall serve without compensation, except for reimbursement of expenses and subject to the terms of an existing contract with the state.


Contract with the California Ocean Science Trust and other nonprofit organizations, ocean science institutes, academic institutions, or others that have experience in conducting the scientific and educational tasks that are required by the council.


Transmit the results of research and investigations to state agencies to provide information for policy decisions.


Identify and recommend to the Legislature changes in law needed to achieve the goals of this section.


(1)Identify changes in federal law and policy necessary to achieve the goals of this division and to improve protection, conservation, and restoration of ocean ecosystems in federal and state waters off the state’s coast.


Recommend to the Governor and the Legislature actions the state should take to encourage those changes in federal law and policy.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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