CA Pub Res Code Section 32057

Subject to the conditions, restrictions, and limitations of Section 32059, the authority shall have the power to do all the following:


Adopt bylaws for the regulation of its affairs and the conduct of its business.


Adopt an official seal.


Sue and be sued in its own name.


Issue bonds, including, at the option of the authority, bonds bearing interest that is taxable for the purpose of federal income taxation, to pay the cost of any project.


Engage the services of private consultants to render professional and technical assistance and advice in carrying out the purposes of this division.


Employ and fix compensation of bond counsel, project expediters, financial consultants, and other advisors as may be necessary, in its judgment, in connection with the issuance and sale of any bonds or other obligations of the authority.


Contract for engineering, architectural, accounting, or other services of appropriate state agencies as may be necessary, in its judgment, for the successful development of the project.


Pay the reasonable costs of consulting engineers, architects, accountants, and construction, land use, recreation, and environmental experts employed by any participating party if, in its judgment, those services are necessary for the successful development of the project.


Take title to, and sell by installment sale or otherwise, lands, structures, property, real or personal, rights, rights-of-way, franchises, easements, and other interests in lands which are located within the state as it may deem necessary or convenient for the financing of a project, upon terms and conditions as considered by it to be reasonable.


Receive and accept from any source, loans, contributions, or grants for, or in aid of, the construction, financing, or refinancing of a project, or any portion thereof, in either money, property, labor, or other things of value.


Make secured or unsecured loans to any participating party in connection with the financing of a project in accordance with an agreement between the authority and the participating party, except that no loan shall exceed the total cost of the project as determined by the participating party and approved by the authority.


Make secured or unsecured loans to any participating party in accordance with an agreement between the authority and the participating party to refinance indebtedness incurred by the participating party in connection with projects undertaken and completed.


Mortgage all or any portion of its interest in a project and the property on which any project is located, whether owned or thereafter acquired, including the granting of a security interest in any property, tangible or intangible, and to assign or pledge all or any portion of its interests in mortgages, deeds of trust, indentures of mortgage or trust or similar instruments, notes, and security interests in property, tangible or intangible, of participating parties to which the authority has made loans, and the revenues therefrom, including payment or income from any interest owned or held by the authority, for the benefit of the holders of bonds issued to finance the project.


Lease to a participating party the project being financed, upon terms and conditions that the authority deems proper, and to charge and collect rents therefor, and to terminate any lease upon the failure of the lessee to comply with any of the obligations thereof, and to include in any lease, if desired, provisions that the lessee shall have options to renew the lease for a period or periods, and at rents as determined by the authority, to purchase any or all of the project, or that, upon payment of all of the indebtedness incurred by the authority for the financing of the project, the authority may convey any or all of the project to the lessee or lessees.


Charge and equitably apportion among participating parties its administrative costs and expenses incurred in the exercise of the powers and duties conferred by this division.


Obtain, or aid in obtaining, from any department or agency of the United States or of the State of California, or any private company, any insurance or guarantee as to, or for, the payment or repayment of interest or principal, or both, or any part thereof, on any loan, lease, or obligation or any instrument evidencing or securing the same, made or entered into pursuant to this division; and, notwithstanding any other provision of this division, to enter into any agreement, contract, or any other instrument with respect to any insurance or guarantee, to accept payment in the manner and form as provided therein in the event of default by a participating party, and to assign any insurance or guarantee as security for the authority’s bonds.


Enter into any and all agreements or contracts, execute any and all instruments, and do and perform any and all acts or things necessary, convenient, or desirable for the purposes of the authority or to carry out any power expressly given in this division.


Invest any moneys held in reserve or sinking funds, or any moneys not required for immediate use or disbursement, at the discretion of the authority, in obligations that are authorized by law for the investment of trust funds in the custody of the Treasurer.
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