CA Pub Res Code Section 31200

The conservancy may award grants to public agencies and nonprofit organizations for the purpose of restoration of areas of the coastal zone that, because of scattered ownerships, poor lot layout, inadequate park and open space, incompatible land uses, or other conditions, are adversely affecting the coastal environment or are impeding orderly development. Grants under this section shall be utilized for the assembly of parcels of land within designated coastal restoration areas, for the redesign of those areas, and the installation of public improvements required to serve those areas. As provided in this chapter, the cost of acquisition of certain coastal access and open-space lands, other than those acquired through dedication, within restoration areas may be funded through the conservancy. Grants under this section may not be utilized as a method of acquisition of public park, recreation, or wildlife areas, except as those uses may be incidental to a coastal restoration project. After redesign and installation of public improvements, if any, lands containing coastal restoration projects, with the exception of lands acquired for public purposes as provided in this chapter, shall be conveyed to any person for the purpose of development in accordance with a restoration plan approved under Section 31208.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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