CA Pub Res Code Section 30621


The commission shall provide for a de novo public hearing on applications for coastal development permits and any appeals brought pursuant to this division and shall give to any affected person a written public notice of the nature of the proceeding and of the time and place of the public hearing. Notice shall also be given to any person who requests, in writing, such notification. A hearing on any coastal development permit application or an appeal shall be set no later than 49 days after the date on which the application or appeal is filed with the commission.


An appeal that is properly submitted shall be considered to be filed when any of the following occurs:


The executive director determines that the appeal is not patently frivolous pursuant to subdivision (d) of Section 30620.


The five-day period for the executive director to determine whether an appeal is patently frivolous pursuant to subdivision (d) of Section 30620 expires without that determination.


The appellant pays the filing fee within the five-day period set forth in subdivision (d) of Section 30620.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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