CA Pub Res Code Section 30610.5

Urban land areas shall, pursuant to the provisions of this section, be excluded from the permit provisions of this chapter.


Upon the request of a local government, an urban land area, as specifically identified by such local government, shall, after public hearing, be excluded by the commission from the permit provisions of this chapter where both of the following conditions are met:


The area to be excluded is either a residential area zoned and developed to a density of four or more dwelling units per acre on or before January 1, 1977, or a commercial or industrial area zoned and developed for such use on or before January 1, 1977.


The commission finds both of the following:


Locally permitted development will be infilling or replacement and will be in conformity with the scale, size, and character of the surrounding community.


There is no potential for significant adverse effects, either individually or cumulatively, on public access to the coast or on coastal resources from any locally permitted development; provided, however, that no area may be excluded unless more than 50 percent of the lots are built upon, to the same general density or intensity of use.


Every exclusion granted under subdivision (a) of this section and subdivision (e) of Section 30610 shall be subject to terms and conditions to assure that no significant change in density, height, or nature of uses will occur without further proceedings under this division, and an order granting an exclusion under subdivision (e) of Section 30610, but not under subdivision (a) of this section may be revoked at any time by the commission, if the conditions of exclusion are violated. Tide and submerged land, beaches, and lots immediately adjacent to the inland extent of any beach, or of the mean high tide line of the sea where there is no beach, and all lands and waters subject to the public trust shall not be excluded under either subdivision (a) of this section or subdivision (e) of Section 30610.
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