CA Pub Res Code Section 30517.5


Within 60 days from the effective date of this section, the commission shall establish a schedule for the submittal of all land use plans that have not been submitted, pursuant to Section 30501, to a former regional commission or the commission on or before July 1, 1981. This schedule shall be based on the commission’s assessment, in consultation with local governments, of each local government’s current status and progress. The schedule shall specify that submittals may not be made sooner than nor later than certain specified dates and in no event later than January 1, 1983.


If a local government fails to meet the schedule established pursuant to subdivision (a), the commission may take any of the following actions:


Waive the deadlines for commission action on a submitted land use plan, or any portion thereof, as set forth in Sections 30511 and 30512.


Prepare and adopt, after a public hearing but not sooner than January 1, 1984, a land use plan for the land area within the local government’s jurisdiction. After adoption of the land use plan, the commission shall determine the permissibility of proposed developments pursuant to the provisions of the adopted plan. The affected local government may choose to adopt, in whole or in part, the commission’s prepared and adopted land use plan in which event the commission shall certify the plan, in whole or in part, or it may continue to prepare its own land use plan consistent with the provisions of this chapter.


Report the matter to the Legislature with recommendations for appropriate action.
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