CA Pub Res Code Section 26568.3


Upon presentation to the legislative body of a petition in the form prescribed by Section 26568.2, the legislative body shall adopt a resolution setting a public hearing on short notice on the petition and directing that notice of the hearing be given as provided in Section 26569. However, notice of the hearing shall be omitted if the hearing of objections is not required as provided in subdivision (b). The hearing shall be set no earlier than 15 days after the adoption of the resolution under this subdivision.


The hearing of objections shall not be required if the legislative body, when considering the passage of a resolution of intention pursuant to a petition presented pursuant to Section 26568.1, finds and determines by a four-fifths vote of all members thereof, that all of the owners of lots or lands liable to be assessed have signed and filed a petition with the clerk on or before the day that the resolution of intention is to be considered for passage, waiving the hearing, declaring that they do not have any objections to the proposed work or the formation of the district, and requesting that the hearings of objections not be required.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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