Section 26011

The authority is authorized and empowered:


To adopt an official seal.


To sue and be sued in its own name.


To issue bonds, notes, bond anticipation notes, and other obligations of the authority, including, at the option of the authority, obligations bearing interest that is taxable for purposes of federal income taxation, for any of its purposes and to fund or refund the same, all as provided in this division.


To determine the location and character of a project to be financed under the provisions of this division, to provide financial assistance to a participating party, to enter into loan agreements with a participating party for the financing of a project including creating a lien or security interest in the property, to construct, reconstruct, renovate, replace, lease, as lessor or lessee, and regulate the same, and to enter into contracts for the sale of a project, including installment sales or sales under conditional sales contracts.


To fix fees and charges for projects, and interest rates with respect to loans for projects or for loan of moneys to finance projects, and to revise from time to time the fees and charges and interest rates, and to collect rates, rents, fees, loan repayments, and charges for the use of, and for a facility or service furnished, or to be furnished, by a project or part of the project and to contract with a person, partnership, association, corporation, or public agency with respect to the project, and to fix the terms and conditions upon which a project may be sold or disposed of, whether upon installment sales contracts or otherwise.


To employ and fix the compensation of bond counsel, financial consultants, and advisers as may be necessary in its judgment in connection with the issuance and sale of any bonds, notes, bond anticipation notes, or other obligations of the authority; to contract to advance the purposes of this division.


To purchase, with proceeds of its bonds or its revenue, bonds issued by a public agency at a public or negotiated sale. Bonds purchased pursuant to this subdivision may be held by the authority or sold to public or private purchasers at public or negotiated sales, in whole or in part, separately or together with other bonds issued by the authority.


To do all things generally necessary or convenient to carry out the purposes of this division.


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