California Public Resources Code

Sec. § 25782


The commission shall, by January 1, 2008, in consultation with the Public Utilities Commission, local publicly owned electric utilities, and interested members of the public, establish eligibility criteria for solar energy systems receiving ratepayer funded incentives that include all of the following:


Design, installation, and electrical output standards or incentives.


The solar energy system is intended primarily to offset part or all of the consumer’s own electricity demand.


All components in the solar energy system are new and unused, and have not previously been placed in service in any other location or for any other application.


The solar energy system has a warranty of not less than 10 years to protect against defects and undue degradation of electrical generation output.


The solar energy system is located on the same premises of the end-use consumer where the consumer’s own electricity demand is located.


The solar energy system is connected to the electrical corporation’s electrical distribution system within the state.


The solar energy system has meters or other devices in place to monitor and measure the system’s performance and the quantity of electricity generated by the system.


The solar energy system is installed in conformance with the manufacturer’s specifications and in compliance with all applicable electrical and building code standards.


The commission shall establish conditions on ratepayer funded incentives that require all of the following:


Appropriate siting and high quality installation of the solar energy system by developing installation guidelines that maximize the performance of the system and prevent qualified systems from being inefficiently or inappropriately installed. The conditions established by the commission shall not impact housing designs or densities presently authorized by a city, county, or city and county. The goal of this paragraph is to achieve efficient installation of solar energy systems to promote the greatest energy production per ratepayer dollar.


Optimal solar energy system performance during periods of peak electricity demand.


Appropriate energy efficiency improvements in the new or existing home or commercial structure where the solar energy system is installed.


The commission shall set rating standards for equipment, components, and systems to assure reasonable performance and shall develop standards that provide for compliance with the minimum ratings.


Upon establishment of eligibility criteria pursuant to subdivision (a), no ratepayer funded incentives shall be made for a solar energy system that does not meet the eligibility criteria.

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