CA Pub Res Code Section 25722.9


For purposes of this section, “alternatively fueled vehicles” means light-, medium-, and heavy-duty vehicles that reduce petroleum usage and related emissions by using advanced technologies and fuels, including, but not limited to, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, battery electric, natural gas, or fuel cell vehicles and including those vehicles described in Section 5205.5 of the Vehicle Code.


The Department of General Services and the Department of Transportation shall develop and implement advanced technology vehicle parking incentive programs, to the extent feasible, in public parking facilities of 50 spaces or more operated by the Department of General Services and park-and-ride lots owned and operated by the Department of Transportation to incentivize the purchase and use of alternatively fueled vehicles in the state. These programs shall provide meaningful, tangible benefits for drivers of alternatively fueled vehicles. These incentives may include preferential spaces, reduced fees, and fueling infrastructure for alternatively fueled vehicles that use these parking facilities or park-and-ride lots.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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