CA Pub Res Code Section 25540.1

The commission shall determine, within 30 days after the receipt of a notice or application for a geothermal powerplant, whether the notice or application is complete. If the notice or application is determined not to be complete, the commission’s determination shall specify, in writing, those parts of the notice or application which are incomplete and shall indicate the manner in which it can be made complete. Within 30 days after receipt of the applicant’s filing with the commission the additional information requested by the commission to make the notice or application complete, the commission shall determine whether the subsequent filing is sufficient to complete the notice or application. A notice or application shall be deemed filed for purposes of Section 25540 on the date the commission determines the notice or application is completed if the commission has adopted regulations specifying the informational requirements for a complete notice or application, but if the commission has not adopted regulations, the notice or application shall be deemed filed on the last date the commission receives any additional data that completes the notice or application.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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