CA Pub Res Code Section 25304

The commission shall conduct transportation forecasting and assessment activities to meet the requirements of paragraph (2) of subdivision (a) of Section 25302 including, but not limited to:


Assessment of trends in transportation fuels, technologies, and infrastructure supply and demand and the outlook for wholesale and retail prices for petroleum, petroleum products, and alternative transportation fuels under current market structures and expected market conditions.


Forecasts of statewide and regional transportation energy demand, both annual and seasonal, and the factors leading to projected demand growth including, but not limited to, projected population growth, urban development, vehicle miles traveled, the type, class, and efficiency of personal vehicles and commercial fleets, and shifts in transportation modes.


Evaluation of the sufficiency of transportation fuel supplies, technologies, and infrastructure to meet projected transportation demand growth. Assessment of crude oil and other transportation fuel feedstock supplies; in-state, national, and worldwide production and refining capacity; product output storage availability; and transportation and distribution systems capacity and use.


Assessments of the risks of supply disruptions, price shocks, or other events and the consequences of these events on the availability and price of transportation fuels and effects on the state’s economy.


Evaluation of the potential for needed changes in the state’s energy shortage contingency plans to increase production and productivity, improve efficiency of fuel use, increase conservation of resources, and other actions to maintain sufficient, secure, and affordable transportation fuel supplies for the state.


Evaluation of alternative transportation energy scenarios, in the context of least environmental and economic costs, to examine potential effects of alternative fuels usage, vehicle efficiency improvements, and shifts in transportation modes on public health and safety, the economy, resources, the environment, and energy security.


Examination of the success of introduction, prices, and availability of advanced transportation technologies, low- or zero-emission vehicles, and clean-burning transportation fuels, including their potential future contributions to air quality, energy security, and other public interest benefits.


Recommendations to improve the efficiency of transportation energy use, reduce dependence on petroleum fuels, decrease environmental impacts from transportation energy use, and contribute to reducing congestion, promoting economic development, and enhancing energy diversity and security.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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