CA Pub Res Code Section 25225


Prior to expending any funds for any research, development, or demonstration program or project relating to vehicles or vehicle fuels, the commission shall do both of the following, using existing resources:


Adopt a plan describing any proposed expenditure that sets forth the expected costs and qualitative as well as quantitative benefits of the proposed program or project.


Find that the proposed program or project will not duplicate any other past or present publicly funded California program or project. This paragraph is not intended to prevent funding for programs or projects jointly funded with another public agency where there is no duplication.


Within 120 days from the date of the conclusion of a program or project subject to subdivision (a) that is funded by the commission, the commission shall issue a public report that sets forth the actual costs of the program or project, the results achieved and how they compare with expected costs and benefits determined pursuant to paragraph (1) of subdivision (a), and any problems that were encountered by the program or project.


(1)This section does not apply to any funds appropriated for research, development, or demonstration pursuant to a statute that expressly specifies both of the following:


A vehicle technology or vehicle fuel which is the subject of the research, development, or demonstration.


The purpose of, or anticipated products of, the research, development, or demonstration.


This section does not apply to the Katz Safe Schoolbus Clean Fuel Efficiency Demonstration Program (Part 10.7 (commencing with Section 17910) of Division 1 of Title 1 of the Education Code).
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Aug. 19, 2023

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