CA Pub Res Code Section 21158.5


Where a project consists of multiple-family residential development of not more than 100 units or a residential and commercial or retail mixed-use development of not more than 100,000 square feet which complies with all of the following, a focused environmental impact report shall be prepared, notwithstanding that the project was not identified in a master environmental impact report:


Is consistent with a general plan, specific plan, community plan, or zoning ordinance for which an environmental impact report was prepared within five years of the certification of the focused environmental impact report.


The lead agency cannot make the finding described in subdivision (c) of Section 21157.1, a negative declaration or mitigated negative declaration cannot be prepared pursuant to Section 21080, 21157.5, or 21158, and Section 21166 does not apply.


Meets one or more of the following conditions:


The parcel on which the project is to be developed is surrounded by immediately contiguous urban development.


The parcel on which the project is to be developed has been previously developed with urban uses.


The parcel on which the project is to be developed is within one-half mile of an existing rail transit station.


A focused environmental impact report prepared pursuant to this section shall be limited to a discussion of potentially significant effects on the environment specific to the project, or which substantial new information shows will be more significant than described in the prior environmental impact report. No discussion shall be required of alternatives to the project, cumulative impacts of the project, or the growth inducing impacts of the project.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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