CA Pub Res Code Section 12251

Proposed conservation easements shall meet the eligibility criteria set forth in this section prior to review pursuant to the selection criteria set forth in Section 12260. To be eligible for participation, private forest land parcels proposed for protection under the program shall comply with all of the following:


Be subject to potential conversion.


Be owned by landowners who are willing and interested in selling or donating conservation easements.


Be forested with at least 10-percent canopy cover by conifer or hardwood species, or be capable of being so forested under natural conditions.


Possession of one or more environmental values of great concern to the public and the state:


Important fish and wildlife habitat.


Areas that can help maintain habitat connectivity across landscapes.


Rare plants.




Riparian habitats.


Oak woodlands.


Ecological old growth forests.


Other key forest types and seral stages that are poorly represented across California.


Lands that directly affect water quality and other watershed values.


Provision for continuity of one or more traditional forest uses, such as commodities production or habitat maintenance.


Possession of environmental values that can be protected and managed effectively through conservation easements at reasonable costs.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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