Section 10002

The Director of Fish and Game shall prepare proposed streamflow requirements, which shall be specified in terms of cubic feet of water per second, for each stream or watercourse identified pursuant to Section 10001. In developing the requirements for each stream, the director shall consult with the Director of Water Resources, the Director of Parks and Recreation and with all affected local governments. The Director of Fish and Game may also consult with any private individuals, groups, or organizations as the director deems advisable. Upon completion of the proposed streamflow requirements for any individual stream or watercourse, the Director of Fish and Game shall transmit these proposed requirements to the State Water Resources Control Board. The State Water Resources Control Board shall consider these requirements within a stream as set forth in Section 1257.5 of the Water Code. The Director of Fish and Game shall complete the preparation of proposed requirements for the initial streams not later than July 1, 1989.
The Department of Fish and Game may contract for temporary services for purposes of preparing the proposed streamflow requirements.
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