CA Pub Cont Code Section 12310


On and after January 1, 1997, at least 50 percent of the total dollar amount of paper products purchased or procured by the Legislature shall be purchased as a recycled paper product, as defined in Section 12301. In addition, at least 25 percent of the total fine writing and printing paper purchased by the Legislature shall be recycled paper products, as defined in Section 12301.
If at any time the requirement for recycled products has not been met, the Legislature and the department, in consultation with the board, shall review the procurement policies of the Legislature and shall make recommendations for immediate revisions to ensure that each requirement is met. Revisions include, but are not limited to, raising the purchasing preference and altering the requirements for each or all recycled products. The department, in consultation with the board, shall present its conclusions and recommendations on these revisions of procurement policies to the Legislature in the department’s biennial report pursuant to Section 12225.


When contracting with the Legislature for the sale of recycled paper products, the contractor shall certify in writing to the contracting officer or his or her representative, that the recycled paper products offered contain the minimum percentage of waste materials required by subdivision (c) of Section 12301. The contractor shall specify the minimum, if not the exact, percentage of recycled product in the paper product, including both the secondary and postconsumer material content. This certification shall be furnished under penalty of perjury.


The Legislature may, in consultation with the board, print a symbol on paper products selected by the Legislature. The symbol shall be similar to the following:
Printed on recycled paper. This symbol shall be printed only on paper products meeting the definition of recycled paper products in Section 12301.


This section shall not prevent the Legislature from using existing stocks of paper products.
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